Help save the pangolins

Small. Big. Pink. Beige. Black. Pangolins of all shapes and colours.

Pangolins, sometimes known as scaly anteaters, are scale-covered mammals. Currently they are one of the most trafficked animals, caught primarily for their scales which are roasted and ground and sold, ostensibly, as a curative. This species is highly threatened. In April alone two shipments were seized containing scales from approximately 60,000 (SIXTY THOUSAND) pangolins! Horrific!

I have designed this pattern, available in fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. Hopefully whoever uses it will talk about the back story and educate and raise awareness about this despicable and unnecessary trade.

Together we can save the pangolins. Every effort helps. 100% of the royalties received from this Extinction collection will be donated to African Parks Network who are doing extraordinary work in the field of animal conservation.

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