Kick start Kim


If with your bags you’re feeling tired
It’s surely time to get inspired.

Come closer and I’ll tell you how
And remove the furrow
From your brow.

For bags that dance with cheerful whim
Look no further than those by Kim.

For travel, toiletries and swim
Once more, I say, look at Kim.
Backpacks, totes, large and small
No doubt that you will love them all.

The designs are dizzy
Quite inspired
Your bags will
Never make you tired.

Colors crazy
Quite sublime
You’ll want to use them
All the time.

Gifts for you and for your friend
The pleasure, it will never end.

Don’t think too much and do not worry
Buy some now
You’ll not be sorry.

Pledge right now and kick the start
and buy a product from the heart.

It all began upon a whim
Of an artist who’s name is Kim.

Go right now to
You’ll see just where I’m coming from.



I am a designer. I have my own range of textiles and products. I also design theatre sets and I paint. My websites are: and
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