Back home. Lots to tell.



I am a designer. I have my own range of textiles and products. I also design theatre sets and I paint. My websites are: and
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3 Responses to Back home. Lots to tell.

  1. I like it! I have a fear of white space that you obviously find comfort in. I’m working on a piece that demands it but I couldn’t stop my pencil! Thanks for an inspirational example of artistic patience!

    • KIMTHINGS says:

      Have no fear – you can’t go wrong! See it as a challenge. If you have a look at my acrylic paintings (IG: kimthings_art), I always start off with a black ground and build up into the space with colour and it’s very busy. When I started my quick little dog watercolours it was such a totally different discipline – it was like clearing my head. Good luck – your work is cool!

      • Thanks for replying and I’m grateful you liked my work I enjoy sharing it! I understand that. I was given pastels for a gift and I couldn’t draw mazes with them at all. One day I pulled them out and just started sketching and it was freeing. Thanks again for sharing your work and replying!

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