Copious Love Suggests: “Don Juan in Chicago”

Couldn’t help shouting out for ‘Don Juan in Chicago’! (I did the set!) Excellent show. A must see for anyone living in Seattle.


DJC photo copy 10277449_652539138159609_344166333806183570_n

Copious Love Productions

DJC_Web-poster_REVDon Juan in Chicago
Presented by Arouet
Directed by: Joshua Jon
TICKETS: Through May 31
at Ballard Underground

I just got home from an amazing Industry Night at Arouet’s Don Juan in Chicago and I couldn’t have had a better theatre experience. Simply put, this is the kind of production that brings an audience together by how many laughs they share. My smile was permanently affixed across my face as each character perfectly leapfrogged the other in a cadence that Joshua Jon (Director) should be very proud of.

The show begins in Spain circa 1600 where an insatiably introverted Don Juan desires eternal life. Vainly, the devil makes a pact with this hapless virgin that everlasting life would be his, only if he sleeps with a different woman for each day he lives. A dumbfounded twist on the classic origins of the world’s most famous lover, this awkwardly funny man lives out…

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