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Packaging: Thinking inside the box

Nike “Stadium” kids’ sports shoes box.  Brilliant idea to inspire kids.  The boxes contain an embedded chip so, when opened, you can hear the crowd roar!  Limited edition.

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The Story of Stuff

When we design new things, the old things become obsolete.  What happens to everything that is discarded?  Annie Leonard has the answer in The Story of Stuff.    When you have watched The Story of Stuff watch The Monkey People … Continue reading

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Company focus: IDEO

Inspirational design company with an inspirational website.  Sign up for OpenIDEO.

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Product Design Hub

Excellent resource for product designers / aspirers.  Articles, links, jobs etc.  Mark as favorite.

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Arthur Erickson

A fine example of Arthur Erickson‘s work has recently come up for sale in Larson Place, West Vancouver – reminiscent of the Graham House below.

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Realizing projects

Two very interesting and innovative websites to facilitate bringing independent projects to fruition: does viewer based feasibility and provides manufacturing expertise is instrumental in the funding of projects

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